Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught writer and artist who believes that anything is possible. Everything she creates is based on this simple principle.

She is the author of MY FRIEND FEAR: Finding Magic in the Unknown (Penguin Random House), a beautiful meditation on fear and how it can help us become who we really are—if we let it. She is also the author of two journals published by Penguin Random House: MADE OUT OF STARS: A Journal for Self-Realization, a journal that encourages the belief that we are already whole. START WHERE YOU ARE is a journal for self-exploration that is designed to help others understand that the answers they are seeking are contained within themselves.

Her paper goods line aims to help people find beauty in the small moments that lace through their days and strives to help others express sentiments that they feel, but aren't sure how to put into words. Her children’s clothing line was born out of the desire to remind little ones that they have the ability to shape their own worlds. They are anything and everything.

Meera is sensitive but tough. She is pragmatic, yet a free dreamer. She’d like you to remember one thing: you are not alone.

  • Eco Friendly: produced using sustainable processes and materials
  • Handmade with love in Tennessee
  • Social Good: a portion of profits are contributed to a social cause
  • Established in 2014