Herbal Infused Botanical Bath Tea
Healing and Relaxing Herbal Botanical Bath Tea
Jasmine Herbal Botanical Bath Tea
Tub Tea Luxurious Botanical Bath
Renewing Rose Herbal Infused Relaxing Bath Tea Soak
Lavender Relaxing Herbal Luxuorious Bath Tea Soak
Tub Tea Luxurious Botanical Bath
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Tub Tea Luxurious Botanical Bath

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1 Brighten your day with this zesty blend of chamomile and lemon tea!

This natural herbal bath in a bag contains a combination of healing Arnica and Calendula along with Epsom Salts and other botanicals. Use this when you are recovering from any sort of ailment - Cold or Flu, Sore Muscles, Late Night, Detox, etc.

3 Soothe your body and soul with the gentle scent of jasmine. Drop Tub Tea directly in the bath for a beautiful botanical bath!

4 Power packed botanical bath in a handy muslin bag, gives you all the detoxifying benefits of ginger root, rosemary, peppermint and helichrysum minus the mess. (the herbs stay in the bag)

5 Soak in all renewing floral blend of roses, hibiscus and red clover. All wrapped up in a no mess made in America muslin bag.

6 Soak in all natural organic lavender packed in an oversized muslin tea bag. 

7 Relax, Soak & Unwind in the organic Simplee Irresistible Unwind Tub Tea, Pure Botanical Bath Soak. Perfect gift for the bath lover!

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